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Meet the owners, Sarah and Connor! Through their passion of canines and customer service Pooch Primper was born. Pooch Primper is a business dedicated to helping dog owners gain easy access to pet services, all while remaining in the comfort of their own home. We are dedicated to the health and happiness of your four legged friend!

More About The Owners

Sarah and Connor are high school sweethearts who combined their respective expertise to provide you
with the utmost care and convenience for your pup upkeep. They came to The Grand Strand in the
pursuit of a dream to work together and provide a service to their community. The couple grew up
caring for their own family pups and fully appreciate how uniquely special all of our furry friends are.
Through the years they have also learned that sometimes we all need support in caring for our pets.
Sarah is a compassionate young woman with a foundation strongly rooted in the care and maintenance
of dogs. She is a pet advocate and is ardent regarding responsible pet ownership. Sarah has made her
career in the pet industry for the past several years. This gave her the opportunity to broaden her
knowledge base through formal educational programs as well as practical experience. Sarah has
performed many hours of bathing and primping dogs and recognized that she is able to reduce the dogs’
stress by providing services in their own home. When Sarah can make a dog happy, she is happy!
Connor is a charismatic young man who values the importance of a satisfied (human) client. He has
developed his people skills through service-driven work and training in an established corporate
environment. Connor’s dedication and drive to exceed expectations helped make business ownership a
reality. These qualities are the foundation he provides to ensure your client experience surpasses your
service need. Connor is grateful for the opportunity to offer you pet-care convenience with confidence!

Sarah Kertesz


Connor Spalt



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